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Why I’m disappointed with Firefox

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Why I’m disappointed with Firefox

Instead of Firefox, I have been using Chromium (basically Chrome but open-source) on my Ubuntu install but occasionally I have to use flash sites. While I have pepperflash somehow functioning (I honestly don’t know how) it doesn’t seem to work as great as Adobe Flash Player. So, to Firefox I went!

March 2017 Update: I haven’t used a Linux distribution or Chromium in several months. It seems that I’m caught in the clutches of Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Google Chrome.

After opening Firefox for the first time in months, I was lost. There were so many new buttons! Upon careful examination, they were all little “extras” that could easily be moved off the navigation bar, but I just had to try these things out!

So I started “pocketing” articles to read later while offline using the Pocket app. I enjoy this application and might even be addicted to pocketing! Though, I don’t think Pocket should have been shipped with Firefox since it is a commercial application and has its own privacy policy.

Then I habitually went to the navigation box and typed in a search query. I was shocked! Then, I was shocked again! Double-shocked! First, I was shocked that Yahoo had handled my search – eww! (Sorry, not sorry.) Second, I was shocked that Firefox could import my bookmarks from Chromium but not my search preferences! I need my DuckDuckGo! (It’s an acquired taste.)

March 2017 Update: DuckDuckGo? Yikes, I can’t believe I used that for so long. Google and I are happily back together!

Then I closed Firefox… forever. Is Mozilla just covering their expenses as a non-profit, or have they turned their browser into a cash-cow? I felt bombarded with commercial software and services, and even a search engine that isn’t used by most people – all so Mozilla could make money. It is strange to me that a non-profit organization supposedly dedicated to open-source software has now implemented such a variety of proprietary commercial software in their browser.

I guess this explains why F-Droid (a free-as-in-freedom android app repository) has 2 red warning boxes, one stating how Firefox endorses non-free add-ons, and one saying that Firefox tracks you!

Firefox was great for most of the 2000s, but I definitely feel like Chromium is my favorite browser now since it does exactly what I need it to and more if necessary.